Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Sep 3, 2011    

Project Description

The importance and use of wind energy has increased rapidly in recent years and continues to grow.  Much research has been done on vertical axis wind turbines in particular due to their advantages of being wind direction independent and being suitable for urban applications.  Savonius-Darrieus combination wind turbines seek to combine the high efficiency of the Darrieus wind turbine with the self-starting characteristics of the Savonius wind turbine.  This work compared the efficiency of several configurations of a scaled Savonius-Darrieus combination turbine tested in a wind tunnel in order to determine the effect of changing various physical parameters on the performance of the turbine.

Sponsor: Aerocity Wind Energy Research Concepts
Project Duration: June 2009 – December 2009
PI: Prof. Miki Amitay
Graduate Student: Janine Freeman

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