Letchford, Chris

Aug 18, 2011    

Wind Engineering

Professor Chris Letchford’s research work has largely focused on physical modeling of extreme winds and their impact on the built environment. Beginning in the large Boundary layer Wind Tunnel at Oxford University and the study of pneumatic averaging systems, he went on to establish wind engineering research at the University of Queensland focusing on wind loading of low rise structures and particularly the correlation and distribution of fluctuating loads on canopy and cantilever roofs. Much of this work ended up in the Australian Wind Load Code – AS1170. For 8 years Chris was a member of the Wind Science and Engineering Center at Texas Tech University.

There he focused on the development of thunderstorm downburst and tornado simulations for building aerodynamic studies. Integration of full scale measurements from field campaigns on land and sea complemented this work and aided in more realistic physical modeling of these extreme wind fields. Currently Chis is involved in NYSDOT funded research on the aeroelastic response of slender structures and in the topographic effects of wind on wind turbine siting. Additional interests included extending fluidic modification of flow fields to reduced wind-structure interaction and the flow over waves and other compliant surfaces.

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