2-Phase Flows

Aug 22, 2011    

This thrust focuses on understanding the mechanisms associated with two phase flows and different techniques to control both the carrier and the particulate phase.  Three major effort are ongoing, as is described below.

Flow and Heat Transfer Control in Microchannels

Flow control in micro-scale system is very challenging.  This  effort seeks to study and develop a new method to enhance heat transfer in micro domains during single-phase and two-phase flows by selectively exciting various flow frequency modes.


Particle-Laden Flows

Adding a discrete phase to a fluid increases the level of complexity due to the interactions between the discrete phase and the carrier fluid.

Thus, whether working to improve internal combustion, sand-blasting, thrust vectoring, particle-fluid separation, or controlling particle dispersion (such as the amount of sugar over-spray on your Co-Co-puffs), the control of both particulate and fluid phases are of great importance.  The outcome is this research will add to the current knowledge of flow control of particle-laden flows.

Control of Spray and Spray Cooling

Investigation of the effects of active flow control on spray behavior and its local characteristics, and the effect on spray cooling effectiveness at different heat fluxes.

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