David Menicovich

Nov 7, 2011    

David Menicovich was born in Isreal and recieved his BArch from the Tel Aviv University in 2001.  In 2005 he received his MsAAD from Columbia University; David is currently a PhD student and research assistant at the Center for Architecture, Science and Ecology at RPI. He specializes in design, research & develpment and building integration of advanced systems and has led major projects in the US, the Middle East and Europe which include:

- Project architect of the Vakko Fashion Center in Istanbul and  the the LLLibrary in Kortrijk , Belgium (1ST prize competition) for REX Architecture PC
- Design team leader (DD) of  Caltech’s Annenberg Center (project) in Pasadena, for OMA.
- Designer, Tantor building, Jerusalem, Israel for Arch. Senan Abdelqader
- On site project manager for the artist Dani Karavan for temporary and permanent  installation in Italy and Israel including the Pecci contemporary museum in Prato and the Tel Aviv museum.

David has also won national and international competitions for public and private projects and was chosen for the 40/40 most promising Israeli architects in 2003.

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