At Rensselaer, a community of scholars educate future engineers to design a better world!

Better World Engineering projects:

  • Identify an individual or community need,
  • Establish a connection with the stakeholder(s),
  • Develop a sustainable, affordable, and culturally appropriate solution,
  • Implement the solution with the stakeholder(s).


A Better Tool For By Pass Surgery Designed by Students in the Multidisciplinary Design Laboratory

Building upon a foundation of mathematics, physics, and engineering principles, we engage the students in a design process that not only includes proper consideration of physical, material and safety constraints, but an understanding of the impact of culture, environment and economics on the design constraints. We provide opportunities for students to engage in sustainable engineering, renewable energy, and energy efficient lighting and transportation.Student run groups include: Engineers Without Borders, Engineers for a Sustainable World, as well as solar car and hybrid car teams. Students are encouraged to participate in undergraduate research with world-renowned faculty in topics ranging from new cancer treatments to better fuel cells, from earthquake engineering to improved transmission of electricity, from smart lighting to better batteries. International experiences are strongly supported and encouraged because it is through understanding the global world, that engineers can create global solutions to design a better world.

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